How to keep kids safe emotionally

I’ve been thinking about the ways in which we can make sure our kids feel secure. On this post, let’s talk about how to keep kids safe in our homes- emotionally. Here are a few ways…and I do hope you enjoy the video.

Providing boundaries.

We protect our kids from things in the world that could hurt them. Children feel more secure because they know boundaries are set for their protection and because we love them. Isn’t this exactly what God does for us- even as adults?

He provides boundaries for us so that we stay safe. Even when we don’t like said boundaries, we know that they are there for our good, and for our protection.

Our children need our boundaries. Whether they seem to enjoy them or not, they actually feel quite safe knowing that those boundaries are in place.

Keep Kids Safe Emotionally

Being consistent.

When we’re consistent with our boundaries and with our daily/weekly routines, our kids become confident in home life. The lifestyle we create at home is what our children will look forward to and they’ll come to appreciate life at home and what mom and dad offer them because it is stable and consistent. Even if we choose slower homeschool days, we can remain consistent and our children will appreciate the stabilty.

Provide acceptance.

Even when our kids are not perfect (and they’ll never be perfect), our job is to accept and love them. Not only that, but to keep kids safe emotionally means that it’s our job to show them we accept them through our words and actions. Our kids have to feel love and feel accepted in order to truly believe it.

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