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This week, I had a wonderful chat with author, Beverly Schweigert.

Do you desire to draw closer to God in your busy life? Let’s talk about journaling and how this can help us in our everyday lives as busy mamas.

Who is Beverly?

Beverly Schweigert is the owner of Blessed Be Boutique and is a woman with a heart for God, family, and service. Based in western PA, Bev is a wife, mother, grandmother, and active member of her church. She leads a missions team called Missions Possible and strives to give back to her community daily. Bev’s commitment to her relationship with God led her to develop The BLESS Method, a system of Bible study journaling that helped her grow stronger in her faith. Through her daily devotionals and uplifting messages, Bev shares her passion for God’s love and helps others find answers to their spiritual questions. As a Lay Speaker and Lay Leader, Bev brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her teachings, and she’s excited to share the BLESS Method with you. Join her on her journey to a deeper connection with God and a stronger faith.

What Beverly and I chatted about…

spending time with God
  • Blessed Be Boutique, and what inspired her to start it.
  • A bit about herself and life as a grandmother, as well as some of her favorite pastimes and things that make her happy in life. 
  • Reasons she believes moms might find it hard to connect to God
  • All about your business, Blessed Be Boutique, and what inspired her to start her business (it all began with missions trips and jewelry which eventually led to her designing her own journals.)
  • A few practical tips you have for moms finding the time for deeper connection with God- no matter the time or place
  • What the BLESS acronym stands for= Bible verse, Listening for God’s voice, Exploring the history, Studying the key words, Summarize
  • Practical tips for moms finding the time for deeper connection with God- no matter the time or place.

Beverly’s Products and How To Reach Her:

Key Takeaways:

  • ✨Embrace small moments with the Lord. Some time is better than no time at all.
  • ✨Prioritize your own self-care.
  • ✨Involve your children in your personal devotions.


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