Okay, I admit my kids are screen-huggers. After my kids are done with school (with much of it being online), it’s not long before they ask to get back online for “just a few more minutes” for Minecraft, or something less eventful like watching Kid Snippets on YouTube. Last summer we were in the middle of a move so I let screen time slide to a bit over the recommended hour a day (or is it 30 minutes?) and I’m not even so positive any of it was educational.

Which is why this summer I’m relieved for the opportunity to have my kids check out what Brain Chase has to offer.

And… keep reading because you’ll have the opportunity to win a FREE registration for this summer’s adventure challenge (or choose to hop on right away with a 15% off discount code.)

What is Brain Chase?

Brain Chase is a summer adventure challenge that’s thrilling, exciting, and…yes…educational (although your kids won’t likely think of it as school!)

Check out what some parents are saying about Brain Chase…then read on.

Brain Chase is…

  • A 5-week summer learning challenge disguised as a treasure hunt!
  • Great for 2nd-8th graders (or ages 6-16)
  • The animated adventure follows characters Mae Merriweather and her friends as they follow the trail of the Sunstone of Cortes…but there’s a twist!
  • The Sunstone of Cortes is a reality- not fiction- and is buried somewhere  on Earth.  If your child is the first to guess where the treasure is, you actually get to fly out and dig it up!
  • Complete one hour of learning each day and unlock clues to help you find the treasure’s location.
  • Receive adventure tools along the journey to help you unlock the clues.

When does it begin?

The adventure starts on June 22 (*also, a special birthday in our home). Just log in, watch the first webisode, and let the adventures begin!

How does it work?

Each week, your child will complete four academic tasks, which consist of reading, journaling, earning points on Khan Academy, and doing one bonus challenge. After completion they unlock the next webisode which gives them plenty of clues to help them guess the location of the hidden treasure.

The treasure is real, and hidden beneath the earth is $10,000 and the golden Sunstone of Cortes. Your child could actually be the one to find it (AND win a $10,000 scholarship)!


Will Brain Chase work for children with disabilities?

Yes.  It’s a one size fits all program, and you can customize the academic levels to suit your student.

How many hours will my child need to work?

Budget about 4-5 hours per week. It’s summer, so it’s not a heavy course load. It will give your child to keep up math and language arts skills while finding a treasure for fun.

The Giveaway

Brain Chase is giving away a $10,000 scholarship to the student who is able to guess the location within a 2 -mile radius of the hidden treasure.

You can go ahead and purchase registration using a 15% discount. The discount code is: CHRISTIAN15

And you can also enter the giveaway for a chance to win a FREE registration to this fun (and academic) summer challenge!

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(This is a sponsored post written in partnership with The Motherhood and Brain Chase.)


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