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In this podcast, I attempt to tackle the huge task of giving definition and form to the big, wide world of “unschooling”.  The unschooling method and movement are controversial to some and intriguing to others, but no matter what- it usually always evokes a response of some sort.

What is the unschooling method?

This is a loaded question, and a hard one to answer.  Although unschooling is difficult to narrow down into one, small definition, there are a few basic tenants of unschooling that are pretty much the same.  I listed these in the podcast, so click the play button above to listen if you haven’t yet!  I also made a video about unschooling which I’ll play in this episode.

  • wealth of knowledge available
  • you are not the parent-teacher, but instead a facilitator or mentor
  • direct children to resources where they can find the answers
  • two approaches: hands-off without boundaries, or those who offer some boundaries (mutual respect.)
  • there are different levels of unschooling
  • many unschoolers don’t teach to state standards (and some embrace them!  It really all depends on the family.)
  • topics sometimes do not fit into neat subject categories
  • high schoolers should know how to read, write, understand mathematics, can do research, and have a passion to learn

Resources for Christians using the unschooling method

I am offering a few blogs as further research for unschooling within the context of the Christian community.  I’m sure there are many more resources that I’m not including here, but this should give you a head start in your quest to find out more if this method is attractive to you.

All About the unschooling method

Unschooling Blogs and Websites

 Unschooling Books & Magazines

Unschooling Videos 

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