Learning Styles

be confident in teaching kids the bible

CHM142: Gain Confidence in Teaching Children the Bible with Author, Lynn Plater

Like what you hear? Support the podcast by buying me a coffee.☕😊 This week, I had a wonderful chat with children’s author, Lynn Plater. Lynn Calvin Plater is the founder and CVO for CYLS-KIDS, LLC and Christ You Live Saved Kingdom Inspired Divine Seeds, LTD, a non-profit with a mission of spreading the gospel of …

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What are your children's learning styles

CHM112:DeterminingYour Children’s Learning Styles

What’s your child’s learning style? This podcast is all about helping you to discover your child’s learning style. Over the years I’ve come to appreciate learning style information. With two kids who have completely opposite and unique learning styles, learning about how my kids learn has helped me in delivering the best to them in …

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Homeschooling Special Needs

CHM 069:Special Needs Homeschooling -Interview with Gabriella Volpe

Today’s Guest Our special today is also a guest writer for Christian Homeschool Moms. Gabriella Volpe is a homeschooling mom of a child with special needs, a former public school teacher, and a homeschool consultant for families of children with special needs.  She knows first-hand what it means to struggle with educational planning for a child …

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Why I Love the Charlotte Mason Method

CHM041:Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Method

This week’s podcast is about the Charlotte Mason homeschooling method. Charlotte Mason was a British educator who lived in the 1800s and made a tremendous impact on changing the way children were perceived, treated, and taught. Three main values of homeschooling the Charlotte Mason way Atmosphere.  The atmosphere in your home makes up ⅓ of …

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The Montessori Method

CHM038:Montessori Method

This podcast is all about the Montessori method.  I share my findings on the method, plus a video clip I shared a while back. 1.) responsibility (which is basically the kids learning self-discipline, caring for people around them, and engaging in social context) 2.) self-discipline, and 3.) concentration  (where kids have lengthy periods of study and exploration) Benefits of …

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HOmeschool Philosophy, Curriculum, Schedules

CHM037:Homeschool Basics pt.3- Philosophies, Curriculum, & Schedules

This was a fun podcast because I got the opportunity to give away a free $10 gift card to a listener… But on a more serious note, I talked about how deciding on philosophy is an important step in home education.  From that decision stems good decisions on curriculum purchases. And I also talk about …

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CHM014:Choosing a Homeschool Philosophy

 This homeschool podcast is all about choosing your educational philosophy.  I share my story about how our family came to the decision to homeschool and our journey toward selecting a homeschool philosophy. I end with some tips on determining which methods to use in your homeschool. To recap: I hope this has helped you!

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