This week’s podcast is about the Charlotte Mason method.

Charlotte Mason was a British educator who lived in the 1800’s and made a tremendous impact on changing the way children were perceived, treated, and taught.

Three main values of the Charlotte Mason method

  • Atmosphere.  The atmosphere your home makes up ⅓ of your child’s education.

  • Discipline. Cultivating good habits of character makes up another ½ of their education. Learning to be dependable is important.

  • Education is life. Academics is integrated into their lifestyle.  Children should be given thoughts and ideas and not just facts.

Other things that make up the look of the Charlotte Mason method

  • Discipline and character training have mostly to do with forming habits.  Forming habits in good hygiene, chores, and having good morals is very important.  Life itself is esentially education.

  • Quick and easy lessons.  There is no drill and kill involved and no homework.  Instead,  narration and dictation

  • Two building blocks of learning grammar through literature: narration and dictation.

  • Formal testing is not encouraged over and above narration.

  • Afternoons are free for leisure (such as reading good books, handicrafts, hobbies, chores, visiting the sick and outreach to others).

  • Days are filled with living books.  Living literature as the source for learning about the world around us, rather than text books.  It allows kids to connect with the characters and become engaged in the time period.

  • Children are introduced to culture (art study, musical composer study, hymnal study.)

  • Nature walks and nature journaling is included.  Teachers don’t interrupt,  but just allow the kids to be attentive to things in nature and take short notes or draw. (One example is our family’s recent trip to the ocean.)  The idea is to appreciate the world around us.  The journals are kept as documents but never graded formally.

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