Listen to “CHM049:Raising Set-Apart Kids for Christ” on Spreaker.

It is not an easy feat to raise kids for Christ in today’s world.  As Christian moms and dads we desire to see our children be set apart for the Lord, but how do we go about making this happen in our families?

This podcast episode is all about encouraging you-homeschooling mom and dad- to continue down the path of raising your kids for the Lord.

Today’s scripture: Philippians 3:13-14

What does it mean to raise kids for Christ?

  • how we are set apart to do good works for Christ (because although we’re in the world, we’re not of it)
  • my upbringing, the experiences I’ve had being raised in a Christian home, and what it means to me today
  • centering our kids on the word of God through home bible studies and personal prayer
  • keeping the hearts of our children by providing a safe haven for them, even when they’ve gone into the world and separated from their faith in Christ

It is truly possible to teach our kids God’s Word and raise them up in the ways of the Lord.

I also give a brief shout-out to all the wonderful dads who are doing such a great service supporting their families and wives through the journey of home education. And as always, don’t forget to visit our sponsor, Great Homeschool Conventions.