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This week’s episode features our interview with Devin Dabney of Connected, a homeschooling dad of faith who has been homeschooling his children alongside his lovely wife for many years.

Here is a summary of our chat and a few time-sensitive resources he points us to.  (If you’re looking to save money over the holidays, read further down to find out how you can get a copy of his book.)

Devin opens up the interview with one of his favorite scriptures and tells us a bit about his family and children.

What Devin Dabney and I talked about

  • How he began his homeschooling journey
  • What he considers his family’s philosophy or method of education
  • His family’s favorite homeschool curriculum or resource
  • His experience as a worship leader at his church
  • How he began playing instruments and leading worship at his church
  • How he integrates music into his children’s upbringing
  • His book “Creating a Household Technology Plan” and what inspired him to write a book on technology
  • What inspired him to begin his own homeschooling podcast

In addition, Devin has written a book “20 Ways to Earn an Extra $1,000 for the Holidays“.  If you’re like most of us, you could use some extra cash over the holidays just like me. Head on over and grab up Devin’s book before the holidays end, and perhaps you’ll be inspired with one of 20 ways to make a little extra cash!

Visit his sites and

Interview with Devin Dabney

In the first few minutes of the podcast, I announced our winners of the Scripture Lullabies CDs.  Congrats to  Coley R. and Danielle M.

And again, thank you to our sponsors of this show, Great Homeschool

Thanks, Devin, for this interview…and thank you all for listening in.  Don’t forget to listen to this episode

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