CHM 074: 8 Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum & Resources

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Selected Resources for Teaching Our Children the Fruit of the Spirit

1.  Focus On The Family

Focus on the Family offers a 52-week devotional called Planting Seeds of Biblical Truth that is free for download when you sign up for the mailing list. It’s a nice tool for families to use as a brief reflection on what it means to apply the fruit of the Spirit in your lives. Meant for the parents to read aloud the bible principles with their family and talk it through.

2.  Kids of Integrity

One of my favorite resources for teaching the fruit of the Spirit to my youngest daughter is Kids of Integrity. Complete with a teacher’s planning guide and tools for each theme-based lesson, I feel pretty set when it comes to introducing the different fruit of the Spirit to my daughter. Not to mention, the activities are a nice add-on. The kick-off craft and bible stories feel more complete with the blessing and parent prayer. I love how this website works, it’s very user-friendly and well organized…and it’s free.

3.  Learning to Speak Life

Carlie Kercheval’s Learning to Speak Life is a 9-week family bible study geared toward the 3 to 9-year-old crowd. Chock full of family discussions, stories, silly sayings, role-playing, and prayers, it seems to be a pretty thorough and applicable study of the fruit of the spirit in our children’s life. It’s important to incorporate family studies together.

Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum for Homeschoolers

4. Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum (by Leigh Ann Dutton)

Leigh Ann Dutton from Intentional by Grace offers a fruit of the spirit curriculum, especially for toddlers.  It comprises of loads of printable and arts and craft ideas to help your child connect the dots between personal faith in God and their beautiful lives.  There are 18 theme-based lessons with letters, numbers, and shapes covered, as well as a memory verse. This is the one affiliate link in this post, and if you’d like to support this podcast and you feel that this tot curriculum would suit your family, your purchase would be helpful. Cost for the curriculum is $14.00 (the price of a few coffees!)

5. Mama’s Learning Corner

Lauren Hill of Mama’s Learning Corner created a set of printables for the Fruit of the Spirit. I especially love the chart where you mark the progress your child is making by showing those different fruit in their lives throughout the week.   When you catch your child exhibiting a fruit of the spirit, you supply a sticker on the chart.  It’s a nice visual aid and helps the child feel proud of his accomplishment. It’s that positive reinforcement that really works when it comes to teaching our kids our faith.  Here’s a video of my child using this system (you can feel free to skip over to around the 1:38 mark):

Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum for Homeschoolers

6.  All Play On Sunday

A compilation of play-based ideas on the fruit of the spirit for younger kids (around age 6 and younger) is listed on the blog, All Play On Sunday. Using real fruit, games, art, playtime, balloons, and cooking, the fruit of the spirit comes to life in these play-based activities.

7. Ministry To Children

Finally, offers a full page of resources.  They’ve got game ideas, lessons and coloring pages, music and songs, with a few word search and Pinterest pages thrown in.

8. His Fruitful Vine

And finally, one of our very own writers here at CHM, Robin Pearson, has offered an inspiring post at His Fruitful Vine about love– a very important fruit of the Spirit in our lives as parents.Thanks for reading (and listening to the podcast!) Leave me comments below if you have any to add to this list.Other ways to reach me…

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